Live Music!                 ¡Chiringa! is a four-piece Latin dance party band based in Bend, Oregon that plays a variety of classic to modern covers in their own rockified way. The band’s frontwoman is a Persian-Puerto Rican singer/guitarist named Shireen Amini.  In the band, she is accompanied by 3 fabulous “Latino-at-heart” gringo musicians: Johnny Riordan on congas and timbales, Tom Freedman on bass and trumpet, and Matthew Williams on drum kit.  ¡Chiringa! puts on a most dynamic show, representing a diversity of Latin styles including cumbia, salsa, merengue, bachata, tango, samba, Latin rock and more. They aren’t even trying to be your hot LA salsa band, but take what they know and create the most authentic and accessible sound possible, never relinquishing flavor and appealing just as much to the seasoned Latin dancer as the regular booty shaker. All are invited to do their sexy dance on the dance floor. The band keeps the audience participating in the music throughout a show as they journey from slow sensual grooves to ecstatic musical climaxes. ¡Chiringa! calls you forth to indulge in the soulfulness and joy of Latin music and get down together Latino-style!  For booking, please contact Shireen Amini at or call 310-467-0867

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